Repeater System Update

Hello all,

Last month, a vote was cast to link the Williamstown repeater back into the larger system of VHF repeaters, comprised of W1BD Cabot, K1VIT Lincoln Peak, and W1AAK Killington (146.88).

Williamstown (W1BD)
Yesterday, after correcting a receiver de-sense issue on the link radio, the link was once again enabled and tested, performing quite well in both directions. We are once again using the club’s analog MSF5000 repeater. However, a recent unknown issue has caused radio traffic to pass only in one direction; from Lincoln/Killington/Cabot to Williamstown, but not back. We are going to unlink from the rest of the system until this problem is solved.

Cabot (W1BD)
The Cabot machine continues to perform very well on the receive side. The power amplifier is running 25 watts out, which doesn’t cover quite as far as intended. The audio level was noted to be higher than that of Williamstown, and slightly more “harsh” sounding. There are plans to work on this machine to correct the audio issues, and possibly increase the output power so transmit and receive patterns match each other more closely.

Lincoln Peak (K1VIT)
More information here:

Killington (W1AAK)
This repeater is owned and operated by the Northeast FM Repeater Association.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these repeaters, please don’t hesitate to reach out:
CVARC – contact (at) w1bd dot net
Vermont Interconnect Team