Fox box pictures

Hi all,

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the meeting. It was well received, and I think all involved had a good time – and hopefully learned at least a little about foxhunting! Here are some photos from the meeting, as well as detailed pictures of the “fox box” for those interested.

-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President

Patrick (KC1DPM) details the foxhunt transmitter system schematic.
Showing off the fox box.
A closer look inside. The heart of the system is a Kenwood TH-21AT handheld transceiver, driven with a custom audio circuit using a microcontroller.
A close-up of the custom circuit board.
The box in the wild, shortly after being found near the 7 Fireplaces at Hubbard Park in Montpelier. At 150 mW output, this was heard nearly two miles away!