Election results, news, and meeting location

Hi all,

I want to say thank you to all who voted in last month’s election. Your CVARC elected officials for 2019 are as follows:

President – Incumbent; Patrick Schlott, KC1DPM

Vice-President – Ted Dawson, KG6AJH

Treasurer – Incumbent; Fred Doten, N1OEP

Trustee & Repeater Tech – Incumbent; Christopher Craig, K1MHZ

Please note we do not have a Secretary at this time. The responsibilities for this role are being shared by the officers that do not hold conflicting positions, but we encourage anyone interested in the position to step forward and make yourself known.

For new members (or new potential members), please visit our membership page. We plan to include a method in the future to enable members to use PayPal to pay their annual club dues.

As was mentioned at the last meeting, CVARC plans to sell off some of its equipment to help fund different areas of the club. A list of gear and pricing will be announced at tomorrow’s meeting, but please keep an eye on the forums – anything not sold will be posted there, and will go to internet auction soon after if not sold.

The monthly meeting will be held Wednesday, April 3rd, at 6pm, hosted at the Steakhouse Restaurant in Barre on rt. 302.

Thank you and 73,

~Patrick Schlott
KC1DPM, CVARC President

Election Ballots and Meeting Agenda

Hi all,

Just another friendly reminder about the officer elections at the meeting coming up this Wednesday, March 6th at 6pm, hosted at the Steakhouse Restaurant in Barre on rt. 302. If you wish to run for office, please submit an email to the President stating the position you’d like to run for, so the ballot will have your name on it. Elections will be done by paper ballot at the meeting, so please submit your emails no later than 3pm on Wednesday. The officer positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and W1BD Trustee.

Additionally, you may view the meeting agenda by visiting this link: https://w1bd.net/cvarc_agenda_20190304/

Thank you,
-Patrick Schlott
KC1DPM – President, CVARC

Meeting 3/6 and Officer Elections

Hello all,

CVARC will be hosting the yearly elections for club officer positions next Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, at the monthly meeting. Please email the President to inform the club of your wish to run for office. All current club members in good standing that have paid dues, as well as those currently holding officer positions, are allowed to run for office. The meeting will be held at the Steak House Restaurant in Barre on US RT 302. We hope to see you there!

-Patrick S.
KC1DPM, CVARC President

Meeting 2/6

Hi all,

The meeting for Wednesday, February 6th will be held at the Steak House restaurant on the Barre-Montpelier Road. (Address:
1239 US-302, Barre, VT 05641) Due to a scheduling conflict with the police station, meetings will be held here until further notice. Thank you!

President, KC1DPM

Williamstown Repeater Link

The Williamstown repeater is currently experiencing an issue with its RF link into the CVARC linked repeater system.

Based on some initial diagnostics, there appears to be a issue with the antenna system of the link radio which carries radio traffic from Cabot and Lincoln Peak into Williamstown. The issue is likely being caused by antenna icing, or damage from falling ice.

Because of steeply decreased antenna performance, there isn’t enough RF signal strength at the link receiver to overcome interference from adjacent in-band high power transmitters at the tower site. Because of this, signals from the link may seem strong one moment and completely unreadable the next.

The Williamstown repeater itself is functioning properly as a standalone repeater. Cabot and Lincoln Peak are still linked by RF. There is no evidence to suggest problems with basic repeater functionality at this point.

Unfortunately, I am out of town for a week starting early tomorrow morning. I will promptly investigate the issue further on my return and will work towards implementing a solution. In the mean time, I may make the decision to disable the Williamstown link altogether until it is repaired. I will notify the club if this decision is made.

I appreciate your understanding with this issue, and I will post updates as they become available. I apologize for any inconvenience this system failure has caused.

Chris Craig

Williamstown Repeater Site Cleanup

The Williamstown Repeater site work detail was a success. We had a nice group of hams who helped provide cleanup and maintenance around the site. Overall, it was a pleasant day and we got quite a bit accomplished. Special thanks to the following folks who attended:
Parker K1UAV
Mike W1PTT
Chris KI1P
Chris K1MHZ
While we were at the site, we also dialed in some audio levels on the link system so things should be sounding more symmetrical audio-wise. I also added a dual courtesy tone to Williamstown. A single “boop” indicates that the last transmission was from the local Williamstown receiver, and a double “boop boop” indicates the last transmission was from our link system. Please wait for the beep before transmitting. If you don’t wan’t to hear any tones, morse code IDs or repeater tail, enable CTCSS DECODE on your radio, the tone is 100hz.