CVARC, or the Central Vermont Amateur Radio Club, is open to all those interested in radio. Whether you’re a shortwave listener, a licensed operator, have a general interest in radio waves and related topics and technology, we welcome you to join in on the fun, and foster the growth of the art of radio communications. The club is comprised of a variety of members, with interests ranging from HF operations and contesting, to VHF/UHF satellite work and moonbounce – and everything in between. <more info to be added, this is a draft. ~PCS>


CVARC was formed in 19XX by a group of hams looking to do XYZ with radio in Central VT, starting in <Montpelier, Barre, etc>.
<First airdate for .625 repeater, history of operation and trustee, etc>
<significant milestones or events in club history>

Public Service

<Statement about Corporate Cup assistance and other emcomm stuff>
<CVARC strives to engage with the community>

If you have more info on the History of CVARC, please contact one of the club officers, Thank You!