UPDATED May 4th 2023: CVARC will host a group foxhunt during the next monthly meeting on June 7th, 2023. We will focus on direction finding techniques for those interested in learning how to foxhunt. Meet in Montpelier at 6pm, location tbd.

The next monthly foxhunt is planned for Saturday, May 27th.

Scores from previous hunts

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  • Fox will be hidden somewhere within Washington County, VT in a publicly-accessible location. You will not be required to pay to access an area to find the fox, or to walk onto someone’s property (but don’t discount the end of dead-end roads)
  • The transmitter will be on the air from at least 10am to 6pm.
  • Fox will use the nationally-accepted 2 meter fox hunt frequency of 146.565 MHz
  • Fox will transmit a short beep every two seconds, then transmit a CW ID on the FM carrier every 20 ‘beeps’.

Scoring and reporting 

  • The transmitter will have a laminated sheet with a marker attached for scoring. When you find the fox, fill out the sheet with your name or call sign, and local time at which you found the fox.
  • Once you’ve filled out the sheet, leave the area – if others participating in the hunt see you hanging around, it may tip them off to the location of the fox!
  • As a common courtesy to others, please don’t announce where you found the fox (on local repeaters, the fox output frequency, website, Facebook, etc.) – we want everyone to have fun with this, even those that can’t participate right at the start of the hunt.

Recommended gear


  • 2 meter radio with a removable rubber duckie antenna
  • Paper clip

Extra gear (not required, but helpful):

  • Portable directional antenna (Yagi, Moxon, cubical quad)
  • Adjustable RF attenuator, passive or active
  • Receiver with SSB/CW mode capability
  • Compass or GPS unit
  • Map, atlas, or gazetteer
The ‘foxbox’ transmitter is a metal ammo can with an antenna. A score sheet and marker will be attached.