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    At the meeting last week, I discussed the possibility of organizing a club foxhunt for the end of the month or in early November. We have some college-aged soon-to-be hams that may be interested in joining as well. The tentative plan is as follows:
    – Operate the ‘fox’ in the 2-meter band
    – Organize the hunt within a single VT county (Washington) or town
    – Host a club event building antennas and/or step attenuators to aid in direction-finding

    Please reach out if you are interesting in joining in on the fun! Respond to this post or contact us via email to be a part of the planning team.

    -Patrick, KC1DPM
    CVARC President



    Sounds fun, though I’m not at all familiar with this type of event. If I’m around/can plan to be around I’ll be in.




    I would be willing to help out. This sounds like a fun event!




    Hi John,

    A fox hunt is essentially a game of “find the hidden transmitter”. People use direction-finding techniques to locate the ‘fox’. We have many people in the club with a wealth of experience and knowledge on DF-ing, so I’m sure we could put an info session together if you’re up for it.



    I’ll definitely join in if I’m able to plan for the date. The club event for antenna building also caught my eye—I’m starting to study up for the General exam and thinking about an HF rig, and the antenna topic in general is a bit baffling to me. Any exposure would probably be a good start, regardless of what type of antenna/use.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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