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    Hi all,
    Let’s use this forum as a “brain dump” for ideas on how to handle the VSECU Point to Point race this August.


    For reference, this is the link to the race map from the initial email.

    That is a pretty significant course, probably not something we can cover with VHF simplex. Pat suggested to me in passing using HF simplex, which I think would work fantastic if everyone volunteering has an HF mobile/portable.

    How far north does the Cabot repeater reach? I vaguely remember a coverage map Chris (K1MHZ) made that showed it reached pretty far, but I don’t think it went past Hyde Park?


    In case the race isn’t canceled, just wanted to say; I just got an Icom 706 (not mkiig). It does all HF bands,6m and 144-146 mhz (European model). I’d be happy to bring it along if/when the race happens.
    Stay healthy and 73’s
    Max, KC1MBX


    Good to know we have another possible HF station, Max!
    Dillon, as I’ve discussed, I’m not sure how far north Cabot reaches, but I’m a little more concerned about how far west it shoots. If the weather’s nice (missed my mark there) I’ll go for a drive and map the coverage.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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