Club updates – Foxhunt on for 2/28, officer elections, 2021 membership dues

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make a short announcement that the next CVARC foxhunt will be next Sunday, February 28th from 10am to 6pm local time. Same rules as last time; fox will be hidden in Orange county. Good luck to all!

Reminder that we have our monthly meeting next Wednesday, March 3rd at 6pm via teleconference. A meeting link will be posted no later than Monday the 1st. Officer elections will happen during this meeting, so if you are interested in running for office, please let us know by sending an email to contact <at> w1bd <dot> net with your intent to run for office and the position you’re interested in.

Please note that all those running for office must be voting members of the club at the time of election. See membership details here. The four positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The current officers are detailed here.

-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President

January 2021 meeting – plans going forward, topics for presentation

Happy new year! I hope everyone is doing well and managed to enjoy the holidays. Here is the meeting link for tonight:

We’ll be discussing plans for the club going forward this year, ideas for events, as well as presentation topics.

See you tonight!
-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President

Foxhunt wrap-up

Thank you to all who participated in yesterday’s transmitter hunt! It was met with positive comments and some constructive feedback as well. The fox location was on the Darling Trail in Berlin (off Berlin Pond; leading to Irish Hill), roughly 1/4 mile in and hidden among trees. It was off to the right of the trail just before the bridge that crosses the stream.

Scoring table:

  • KC1DPM, 10:14am
  • N1OEP, 10:58am
  • WS3RVO, 12:21pm
  • N1FMP, time unknown (#4)
  • N1NTT (+ Henry), 4:00pm
  • N1IRO (+ Kathy), 6:25pm
  • And additional thanks to K1CSF, KB1RRG, KA1HQR and K1MHZ for their efforts in looking for the fox.

What did you like about this? What could have been better? Leave a comment on this post! We are hoping to continue to host foxhunts throughout the fall season before it gets too cold.

-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President

September meeting 9/2

Hi all,

Our September meeting will be held via Jitsi teleconference, using the link below:

The password is the output frequency of the Williamstown repeater.

We’ll be discussing club updates and news, repeater status, and volunteers needed for the foxhunt coming up on the 19th. After that, we’ll host “office hours”, where those wishing to hang around with questions or other items of interest are welcome to do so – otherwise, the meeting will be over and you’re not obligated to stay.

See you on Wednesday!

-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President