September events – volunteers needed!

Hi all,

We have a few events coming up this month, namely the Groton Forest Trail Run and the Tunbridge Fair.

Groton Forest Run: September 10th, 2022 happening from 7am to ~5pm. Aid station on/off times varying from 7-9am and 11am-5pm. You can view race details and sign up here:
We are looking for a setup crew of around 3 people to assist with the temporary repeater, as well as 6 course operators including net control.

Tunbridge Fair: September 15th through the 18th, 9am-9pm every day. We are looking for volunteers to man the booth for a few hours at a time – the more the merrier! That way we can take shifts and nobody gets burned out. We’d like to have people who are comfortable speaking to the public about ham radio, in a way that engages, educates, encourages, and paints the hobby in a positive light.

There will be an HF station on the air operating as W1F, so you are welcome to come and operate to show the public how HF radio works.
Feel free to sign up here:

Please reach out at contact (at) w1bd (dot) net if you have any questions.


Volunteers for Point to Point race – August 6th 2022

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for few more folks to have a full crew for operating the P2P race on August 6th. Volunteer information:

  • Individuals must hold a Technician level license or higher. Experience operating public service events preferred but not required.
  • We’d like operators to bring their own equipment – 2 meter mobile radio with a good antenna (ie not a rubber duck), but we have extra equipment to lend out if needed.
  • Ability to commit to at least 4-5 hours outdoors on Saturday

Free food and drinks will be provided to all volunteers by VSECU after the event!
Please reach out to contact (at) w1bd (dot) net if you’d like to assist!

-Patrick, KC1DPM

Meeting 7/6 in Montpelier

Hi all,
Tonight’s CVARC meeting will take place at the Kellogg Hubbard library in the East Montpelier Room at 6pm. Leah Jones from VSECU will be joining us to speak about race communication needs for the Point to Point on August 6th. We’ll also be discussing our booth presence at the Tunbridge Fair in September.

 There will not be a Zoom link this evening; sorry for the inconvenience.

See you there!


CVARC Treasurer

Foxhunt and club news

Hi all,

Just a reminder that our monthly foxhunt will be held tomorrow, September 18th in Washington County. The fox will be on the air by 10am – see our foxhunt info page for more. Good luck!

Due to COVID concerns, we will not be holding a VE session at the end of this month. We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep the club up to date on when/if future sessions will be held.

-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President