Williamstown 146.625 Repeater

The Williamstown Repeater “625”

146.625 -600 Khz

PL: 100Hz

Status: On the Air

Notes: The repeater is located just South of Barre, VT and covers up and down the I-89 Corridor from Randolph (Exit 4) to Waterbury (Exit 10), with spots of usable coverage south of the Randolph/Bethel area. The repeater also covers the Central Vermont area, including: Montpelier, Barre, Berlin, Middlesex, Plainfield, Marshfield, Northfield, Orange, Corinth, Groton and Calais. The Williamstown Repeater is linked full-time via RF to the Vermont Interconnect System.

The repeater is a Motorola MSF-5000 running at 110 watts. The repeater is connected to a Sinclair Technologies Q202 duplexer, which provides over 80db of isolation. All of this is connected to 7/8 hardline which runs to a 4-bay dipole, providing around 7dbd of gain. The link radio is a Motorola mobile radio, attached to a directional antenna on the building. All of this is controlled by a Link Communications controller.

In August 2018, this system was installed, replacing the club’s old GE Mastr II, which ran reliably for two decades.

As of early 2020, there were plans to replace part of this system with a Motorola Quantar.