Upcoming races – volunteers needed!

CVARC will be assisting with communications on two upcoming races at the end of August and beginning of September.

The first is the Northfield Savings Bank 41st annual footrace, happening Saturday, August 31st at 9:30am. We would like to have volunteers show up around 8:30 so we have some time to coordinate operator positions around the race. The plan is to use 2-meter simplex for race communications.

The second is the Groton Forest Trail Run, happening Saturday, September 7th at 7am. This is a pretty early one, so operators should plan to meet at Boulder Beach in Groton at 6am to coordinate. There are two race trails – 27 mile and 15 mile, which start at 7am and 9am respectively. The plan for this race is to use the Cabot repeater for communications, with a mobile UHF repeater as a fallback if coverage is less than ideal. There are a few HTs that can be loaned out if you do not have a UHF radio.

Please contact myself (Patrick) or Fred Doten if you’d like to participate.
Fred [N1OEP] – fredsdoten@gmail.com
Patrick [KC1DPM] – pschlottvt@protonmail.com


-Patrick, KC1DPM
CVARC President

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