Election results, news, and meeting location

Hi all,

I want to say thank you to all who voted in last month’s election. Your CVARC elected officials for 2019 are as follows:

President – Incumbent; Patrick Schlott, KC1DPM

Vice-President – Ted Dawson, KG6AJH

Treasurer – Incumbent; Fred Doten, N1OEP

Trustee & Repeater Tech – Incumbent; Christopher Craig, K1MHZ

Please note we do not have a Secretary at this time. The responsibilities for this role are being shared by the officers that do not hold conflicting positions, but we encourage anyone interested in the position to step forward and make yourself known.

For new members (or new potential members), please visit our membership page. We plan to include a method in the future to enable members to use PayPal to pay their annual club dues.

As was mentioned at the last meeting, CVARC plans to sell off some of its equipment to help fund different areas of the club. A list of gear and pricing will be announced at tomorrow’s meeting, but please keep an eye on the forums – anything not sold will be posted there, and will go to internet auction soon after if not sold.

The monthly meeting will be held Wednesday, April 3rd, at 6pm, hosted at the Steakhouse Restaurant in Barre on rt. 302.

Thank you and 73,

~Patrick Schlott
KC1DPM, CVARC President

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